High Impact Presentations

Use Presentation Skills And Public Speaking To Build Your Online Brand

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We live in an unprecedented era. Communication technology has allowed people to connect with audiences at a global level and at the same time, it has made content production so cheap that anyone can do it.

The global expansion of the Internet, the growth of broadband services, low-cost software that makes content production quick and easy, social media production tools… these have turned the Internet into a giant soap box where anyone with access to a laptop can sell their products, their services, and their ideas.

And that’s a problem.

Because having access to these communication tools doesn’t automatically make you a great, or even a mediocre communicator. It just expands your reach.

If you’re a skilled and influential presenter, then these technologies allow you to expand your influence to great distances and reach tens of thousands of people. If you are a clumsy communicator who causes disdain when you speak, these same technologies will turn you into a communication weapon of mass destruction.

Logically, it makes sense to focus your training on developing your skills as a presenter and less on the technology.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for training on the proper usage of the communication technologies at our disposal. The world would be a more secure place if we all had a better understanding of how these tools worked.

However, putting all of the bells and whistles on a YouTube video in an attempt to make it go viral won’t do you or your brand a bit of good if your presentation fails to elicit interest in your audience, or fails to even get their attention.

Leading a 1000-seat webinar will only harm your reputation if your presentation is unfocused, meandering, and boring.

Conducting a panel discussion through the social media broadcast tool Blab will have devastating results if a boisterous panel member decides to hijack your session.

Your skills as a presenter will help you maintain control over your sessions and enhance your message, regardless of your medium of choice.

And those skills, along with the power, confidence, and passion to communicate effectively, can be developed and enhanced through coaching, feedback, and practice.

Enhance Your Presentation Skills With The High Impact Presentations Seminar

In the High Impact Presentations seminar, we put individuals in front of an audience and a video camera. We give them the feedback that they need to enhance their performance.  And we give them the coaching they need to sharpen their abilities.

As an HIP participant, you will learn methods for planning and delivering effective presentations, how to control a question and answer session with an audience, and a variety of ways to respond effectively in impromptu situations. Each participant’s presentation is recorded and they get an opportunity to review their presentations with a personal coach on a laptop immediately after delivery.

If you want to be the hero of the day, ask yourself, “What if…?”

“What if my next GoToWebinar used a PowerPoint presentation that enhanced my message and kept my audience focused and attentive?”

“What if I created a YouTube video demonstration of my product’s features that didn’t just show and tell, but actually sold to my target market?”

“What if I could cut my financial costs and my sales cycle by making my next sales presentation to every key decision maker in every division of my national account simultaneously through a broadcast video medium like Google Hangouts or GotoMeeting?”

All of these are possible starting with the 2-day, High Impact Presentations program.

Two-Day Seminar Focused On Presentation Coaching

In this two-day presentation seminar, you will:

  • Use 5 tactics to opening a presentation with power.
  • Leverage the 4 reasons for delivering a presentation.
  • Learn the 7 different forms of evidence to support your presentation.
  • Use 5 methods for closing a presentation.
  • Learn 3 tactics to controlling a Q & A session that will keep your audience engaged.
  • Develop flexibility and passion when delivering a presentation to your audience.
  • Learn a 3-step strategy for persuading your audience to follow through on your call to action.
  • Learn how to control the environment to direct your audience’s attention where you need it.
  • Learn how to control your audience’s perceptions by managing your actions.

Brief Content Review

  • Creating Favorable First Impressions and Using Rapport
  • Increasing Credibility and Using 7 Forms of Evidence
  • Presenting Complex Information and Creating Visuals
  • Communicating with Greater Impact and Increasing Flexibility
  • Motivating Others to Action Using a Simple Formula
  • Responding to Pressure Situations and Maintaining Composure
  • Inspiring People to Embrace Change

Who This Seminar is For

Individuals who have had some public speaking training and want to increase their presentation arsenal. This includes:

  • Managers and executives who lead groups and regularly speak in medium to large forums
  • Marketers and content creators who not only speak in front of groups but also create video content and podcasts for online audiences.
  • Salespeople who regularly perform sales presentations online and in front of groups.

This is not a program for beginners seeking to overcome their fear of public speaking. For those individuals, we recommend the Dale Carnegie Course.

For over 100 years, Dale Carnegie Training has been synonymous with public speaking. While our training methodology is  targeted towards coaching individuals to peak self-performance and interpersonal communication, we will continue to lead the field in the arena of public speaking and business presentation skills development, online as well as on the platform.

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