Dale Carnegie Training Sales Advantage

Leveraging Human Behavior in the Sales Process

70% of company sales forces report a minimum 20% increase in sales using the Dale Carnegie process in this class.

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In today’s business environment, selling is more competitive than ever before. Which of these conditions do you face regularly?

  • Your company keeps raising your sales quota.
  • You have more trouble reaching the people that can make a decision.
  • You have more competitors and they are more aggressive with each passing day.
  • Your prospects are more savvy. They’ve done all their research and contact you late in the sales cycle.
  • Your customers demand more pre-sales and post-sales support from you.
  • Your company keeps raising the performance bar for you and the sales team.

These challenges are the new business reality for sales teams. However, good sales people take on these challenges by following a consistent, comprehensive process. Great sales people combine their process with current communication tools that drive the conversation, and build relationships that engages their customers.

The Sales Advantage course trains sales reps on all aspects of the sale, from the mechanics of the sales process to using engaging communication styles. This program coaches you on all aspects of productive resource management, including your time and territory. Your instructor will help you prospect intelligently, reach the right people, turn leads into prospects, prospects into customers, and manage all forms of your conversations – including phone calls, video conferences, and face-to-face meetings.

How you communicate, present yourself, and relate to your customers are all as important as your product or service. And how you conduct your sales process will determine your success. Here’s how you can start today to build confidence, enthusiasm, and the ability to influence the conversation towards a conclusion that beneficial to both you and your customer.

Take This Program And Learn How To:

  • Identify and connect with decision makers
  • Leverage the Dale Carnegie Principles in conducting your sales process.
  • Leverage communication techniques when prospecting.
  • Manage all stages of your sales funnel
  • Ask for referrals with confidence
  • Build your credibility
  • Design the right questions for your situation
  • Use 6 tactics to gain commitment from your prospect
  • Direct the conversation to reach a mutually beneficial conclusion
  • Follow up in a way that creates additional sales opportunities

Brief Session Review

  • Session 1: Building credibility and rapport with your prospects and customers
  • Session 2: Generate interest in your ideas and approach to problems
  • Session 3: Provide the kind of solutions your customers really want
  • Session 4: Resolve objections in a clear and confident way
  • Session 5: Demonstrate commitment to your customers and gain commitment from your customers
  • Session 6: Discover the technique for uncovering hidden opportunities
  • Session 7: Real success requires planning. Discover planning techniques that work
  • Session 8: Mastering the selling process

The Sales Advantage Training program runs one 3.5-hour session per week for 8 weeks. This proven, time-spaced learning methodology allows you to practice between sessions, enabling the principles to become incorporated into your skill set.


Salespeople – New sales reps will find a comprehensive structure which they can use to achieve consistent results. Seasoned sales reps will find new methods for communicating with their clients and customers using the new digital channels we have today. Sales managers will pick up new methods for training, coaching and mentoring their sales team.

Are you ready to turbocharge your sales career for the digital millennium? Then now is the time to act. Sign up today for The Sales Advantage, be the hero at your company, and take command of your sales career.

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