Dale Carnegie Leadership Training For Managers

Engage The Emotions That Propel Your Team Into Action

Here is the very heart and soul of the matter of leadership: If you seek to lead, invest 50% of your time (attention) leading yourself-your own purpose, ethics, principles, motivation, conduct. Invest at least 20% leading those with authority over you and 15% leading your peers – Use the remainder to induce those you “work for” to understand and practice the theory – If you don’t understand that you should be working for your mislabeled “subordinates,” then you know nothing of leadership. You know only tyranny—Lead yourself, lead your superiors, lead your peers, and free your people to do the same. All else is trivial.

– Dee Hock, founder and CEO Emeritus Visa International

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In a results-oriented business environment, accomplished leaders know that engaging their teams is critical to achieving goals. To that end, a study conducted by Dale Carnegie found that teams who are enthusiastic, inspired, confident and empowered are considerably more likely to engage in achieving organizational goals. The research also indicated that leaders who sincerely care about their people foster a culture of engagement.

By partnering with Dale Carnegie and attending Leadership Training for Managers, dedicated leaders will learn proven methods for developing engaged, high-performing teams. They will learn to build a culture where team members are confident in their abilities, empowered to take action, enthusiastic to deliver results and inspired to make a difference.

Because the only sustainable competitive advantage of any corporation is the innovation and creativity of their people, Leadership Training for Managers equips you to engage team members by unleashing their unique talents to maximize their ingenuity.

What We Will Cover

  • Understanding the distinction between personal and organizational leadership
  • Planning and innovation processes
  • Strategizing and goal setting
  • Accepting responsibility for successes and failures
  • Following a coaching and appraisal process
  • Improving problem analysis and decision making
  • Recognizing potential
  • Delegating effectively
  • Striving for continuous improvement

Take This Program And Learn How To:

  • Drive innovation
  • Master the 8-step Planning Process
  • Align performance goals with strategy
  • Apply effective coaching techniques
  • Empower others and hold them accountable
  • Excel in problem solving and decision making
  • Learn the 8-step Delegation Process
  • Own and learn from mistakes
  • Effectively communicate change
  • Build a culture of engagement
  • Strengthen listening skills
  • Recognize team success with enthusiasm

Who Should Attend

Managers or leaders wishing to develop a leadership approach and skills that increase team performance, enabling them to grow within the organization.

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