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My site here, has been a vibrant platform for me over the past 4 years and I thank you all for your patronage and support.

But, just like we coach our participants in our Dale Carnegie programs, there comes a time when we need to expand and grow. We need to look beyond our limitations and into our possibilities.

The platform has been a wonderful home for us over the past 4 years.  But it’s time to expand and explore new options. To that end, we are moving our site to By doing so, we’ll be able to grow our operation and provide some additional tools and treats to our subscribers and followers.

Our current blog will stay online as a signpost to our new home for any online travelers looking for ideas and tips in their quest for success.  But you won’t find any new material here.

If you want to get the latest ideas on personal development, professional growth, communication skills and leadership ideas, visit and lets start a new journey together.

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When Performance Goals Break Moral Standards

I came across this article today outlining how high-pressure expectations can lead to unethical behavior.

Study finds high-pressure expectations lead to unethical behavior

In our coaching programs, we discuss how we should set goals just outside our grasp but within our reach.  We also discuss the journey to achieve our goals and how that builds our character.

But this new study does something that hasn’t been done before. It establishes a relationship between high pressure performance goals and an increased probability of unethical behavior in real-world situations…

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Dale Carnegie Course Stockton Graduation

Graduations are a time of transition. A point in time when mentors, instructors, and coaches can recognize individuals for making a change in their growth or evolution.

A few weeks ago, I held my first graduation of 2017. Recently, I held my second one in Stockton. And once again, I am in awe of the unstoppable power of the human spirit and our ability to create a change when we focus our attention on what we want to achieve.

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Goal Setting Tip – Creating A Compelling Vision Of Your Life

Here’s a tip for you when you begin creating your vision. Remember that your vision is not your mission statement. It is not your reason for existence, and it is not your life purpose.

Your vision is a visual representation of how you see your future self. It is a future desirable description of your life. Brian Tracy once said in one of his seminars, “Those who don’t plan out their future don’t get to have one.” Creating a vision is the first step in planning out your desirable future.

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Goal Setting In The New Millennium

Back when I was starting my Dale Carnegie journey, the rules for achieving success were clearly identified and taught by some of the greatest trainers in the country. Trainers like Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy. If you were going to spend some windshield time between sales calls, these were the guys you listened to. They had all the various formulas for obtaining success and they always started with basic goal setting.

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