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My site here, has been a vibrant platform for me over the past 4 years and I thank you all for your patronage and support.

But, just like we coach our participants in our Dale Carnegie programs, there comes a time when we need to expand and grow. We need to look beyond our limitations and into our possibilities.

The platform has been a wonderful home for us over the past 4 years.  But it’s time to expand and explore new options. To that end, we are moving our site to By doing so, we’ll be able to grow our operation and provide some additional tools and treats to our subscribers and followers.

Our current blog will stay online as a signpost to our new home for any online travelers looking for ideas and tips in their quest for success.  But you won’t find any new material here.

If you want to get the latest ideas on personal development, professional growth, communication skills and leadership ideas, visit and lets start a new journey together.

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Your Instructor – The Dale Carnegie Element You Overlooked

Back when I was about to conduct my second solo program, I received an email from someone requesting to be a Dale Carnegie instructor. He wrote to me explaining that he had done some technical course development in the past and he was looking to branch out from his software background to do something new.

I had to explain to him that the requirements for being an instructor are quite involved and different from what he had already experienced. While his credentials were impressive, the Dale Carnegie leadership team would require him to undergo an intensive, 2-year coaching process aimed specifically at adult learning.

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Dale Carnegie Course Modesto Graduation

Dale Carnegie Course Modesto Graduation Highest Achievement Award

Dale Carnegie Course Modesto Graduation Highest Achievement Award

Last week I had the pleasure of performing my first Dale Carnegie Course graduation of 2017.

I enjoy program graduations because they signify a transition. Much like the transition between winter and spring, this is a time when participants recognize overlooked skills and abilities, and begin the process of their personal transformation.

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Can a good manager also be a good leader? Should a leader be a strong manager? How do managers and leader differ?

The key difference between leaders and managers is leaders manage people while managers manage processes.

A successful business owner, manager or anyone responsible for leading a team needs both to be a strong leader and manager to get their team engaged in a vision that will render a successful outcome. Leadership is about getting others to understand and believe in a vision and to work to achieve goals while managing is more about administering and making sure the day-to-day things are happening as they should for the benefit of the vision.

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Communication Training Help For Small Business Owners

SMB Owners In The Communication Age

I have been in the training industry for quite a while and I have received many requests for information on the Dale Carnegie Course, and a lot more requests for help.

People in businesses, especially small businesses, want to know how they can be better presenters, better sales people, better leaders and at the very core, be better people builders. They want to work effectively with their peers and lead the people that look to them for guidance and mentorship.

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Win Sales by Gaining Willing Cooperation

There I was, sitting across the table from a potential customer and I was desperately trying to sell him on the Dale Carnegie Course. I had talked to a number of his colleagues, exchanged several emails with him, and had talked with him several times on the phone.

Now, I finally had the opportunity to sit down with him face to face. This was my shot. Just one problem – he wasn’t engaged. He was hearing the sounds that were coming out of my mouth, but mentally he was on a tropical vacation. And I couldn’t get him back.

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