Growth and Expansion to

Ladies and gentlemen!

Fellow travelers!

My site here, has been a vibrant platform for me over the past 4 years and I thank you all for your patronage and support.

But, just like we coach our participants in our Dale Carnegie programs, there comes a time when we need to expand and grow. We need to look beyond our limitations and into our possibilities.

The platform has been a wonderful home for us over the past 4 years.  But it’s time to expand and explore new options. To that end, we are moving our site to By doing so, we’ll be able to grow our operation and provide some additional tools and treats to our subscribers and followers.

Our current blog will stay online as a signpost to our new home for any online travelers looking for ideas and tips in their quest for success.  But you won’t find any new material here.

If you want to get the latest ideas on personal development, professional growth, communication skills and leadership ideas, visit and lets start a new journey together.

Speak well!

P.S. Be sure to visit our new site, for all of the latest news and updates in Dale Carnegie Training programs and personal and professional development.