Your Instructor – The Dale Carnegie Element You Overlooked

Back when I was about to conduct my second solo program, I received an email from someone requesting to be a Dale Carnegie instructor. He wrote to me explaining that he had done some technical course development in the past and he was looking to branch out from his software background to do something new.

I had to explain to him that the requirements for being an instructor are quite involved and different from what he had already experienced. While his credentials were impressive, the Dale Carnegie leadership team would require him to undergo an intensive, 2-year coaching process aimed specifically at adult learning.

That got me thinking that there were probably plenty of potential enrollees who were familiar with the program from the book How To Win Friends and Influence People,  but knew nothing about the requirements to instruct a program. They probably assumed that their instructor was a college professor, versed in higher education.

When I wrote back and relayed the training required to instruct the Dale Carnegie course, I never heard back from my inquisitive friend.  The process isn’t difficult, but teaching the Dale Carnegie course does require a high level of dedication from the instructors and a commitment to the participants.

If you’ve attended any of the Dale Carnegie preview sessions, then you’re probably familiar with these requirements. Sales reps will “sell the instructor” near the end of these sessions by reviewing the training process each instructor must walk through before they can lead a class.

Beginning The Journey of Becoming a Dale Carnegie Instructor

The process for becoming an instructor begins when the potential candidate completes the Dale Carnegie Course as a participant. Remember, programs currently run for 8 weeks, employing a technique called “time spaced learning”.  While I use the Dale Carnegie Course as an example here, the requirement is the same for all of the programs – a potential candidate starts their journey by taking the class that they are interested in teaching.

After completing the program as a participant, and showing some interest and aptitude in the training methodologies, the instructor will invite the participant become a course assistant or a graduate assistant. In this role, the candidate will help the instructor setup the room, provide sample talks for the class, lead small groups, provide coaching and assistance to participants throughout the program, all while retaking the program with this new class.

Becoming A Dale Carnegie Instructor – Core Competency

If the candidate still has interest in becoming an instructor after completing at least two programs as course assistant, and the franchise leadership is interested in investing in them, the next step is to prepare for the Core Competency Conference. The preparation for the conference typically lasts about 6 months and strengthens the candidate in 6 key communication areas. These areas focus on their presentation skills, coaching skills, listening skills, their ability to engage the group through questioning and commenting, and their ability to create business relevance.

It culminates in the Core Competency Conference, a 4-day session conducted by a master trainer who reviews all attending candidates on these 6 key skills sets. At the culmination of the event, the the master trainer evaluates all candidates. They will either recommend the candidate to the local franchise as instructor material, or identify areas where the candidate needs to improve and not recommend them to proceed further.

Becoming A Dale Carnegie Instructor – Product Endorsement

Once the candidate has completed the Core Competency Conference, they can identify the program that they want to instruct and begin preparing for the Product Endorsement Event of their choice. Again, preparation will take about 6 months and includes specifics about the program that the candidate has chosen. In the case of the Dale Carnegie Course, this involves focusing on topics like the Human Relations principles, communication methods, presentation techniques and development, controlling stress, setting goals, managing time, and living a more engaged life.

After the training is complete, the candidate then participates in the 4-day Product Endorsement event, again conducted by a master trainer. This time, the candidate is now evaluated on how well they know the program, how well they can manage the audience in the room, how well they can keep the program on schedule, how well they can engage participants in the program, and how well they can respond to pressure. The Product Endorsement culminates with the candidate’s teaching an abridged program, complete with participants chosen from the sponsoring franchise’s client base.

At the end of the Product Endorsement, the master trainer will evaluate each candidate and either recommend them as an instructor or suggest areas of improvement and send them back.

Becoming A Dale Carnegie Apprentice Instructor

Once the candidate has completed and passed the Product Endorsement Event, they will need to instruct two classes under the tutelage of a currently certified and seasoned instructor. Each instructor evaluates the candidate before the candidate is finally qualified to instruct the program that they have trained for. This is another 4 to 6 months.

And all instructors have to participate in a yearly instructor refresher to retain their certification.

Extraordinary Coaching For Personal and Professional Success

As you can see, both the candidate and the local franchise management invest a considerable amount of time, money, and effort in grooming course instructors.

But regardless of the program you choose, you can be sure that your instructor has been through a rigorous process to insure that you will get the best coaching and training available. And you can be sure that your instructor is committed to seeing you succeed.

When you take a time-spaced training like any of the Dale Carnegie programs, you are making a big commitment. You are looking to achieve something fantastic in your career and your life.

At Dale Carnegie Training, we feel that our instructors and coaches should be just as committed to helping you discover it.  Don’t you?

For additional questions about the Dale Carnegie programs, contact me, Paul Bagan. And check the schedule on the sidebar for upcoming programs. You don’t want to miss any of this!