9 Tactics for Conducting Problem Solving Meetings

When I originally took the Dale Carnegie Course, it was 12 weeks long and included a section on how to lead effective problem solving meetings. This exercise encompassed about 90 minutes of small group work and outlined best practices for efficiently conducting an effective meeting.

When the program changed to the tightened, 8-session version, the problem solving meeting session was moved from the Dale Carnegie Course into the Leadership Training for Managers program, focusing the exercise on individuals assuming positions of management and leadership.

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One thought on “9 Tactics for Conducting Problem Solving Meetings

  1. One idea we’ve often used is to set a time limit on the meeting. One of the best times to hold an hour long meeting is at 11:00. There’s incentive to get everything done before a hard stop at lunch time. Setting a time limit helps keep the meeting focused on the end goal and the distracting side conversations at a minimum.


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